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"Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!"
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Get more from your web site or E-zine!

Discover How Anyone Can Turn A Web Site Or E-zine Into A 24/7 Profit Machine, Using Free Tips, Tools, Tricks and Techniques.

This Ebook contains 96 Printer Friendly Information Packed Pages!

(The software is for both Windows PC
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Thursday, 14:08 PM
From Dirk Dupon
Publisher of "Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!"

Dear Internet Friend,

Before you continue reading, please take a few seconds to participate in my free 
mini-questionaire below... 

There are only 3 questions, and I promise you that, when done, you will know if the 
information on this page is for you... or if you should leave this site, and spend your 
time on other things...

Here we go...

Question 1:
Would you like to discover how you can send automated and targetted traffic to your 
web site, without spending tedious hours on search engine listings -or even better, 
without ever bothering about submitting your web site again? 

Question 2: 
Would you like to find out how you can email people on a regular base, offering and 
selling them the products or affiliate programs you promote, without ever being 
accused of SPAM?

Question 3: 
Would you like to have a virtual assistant working for you -for FREE-, taking care of your 
customers, collecting adresses, delivering your information, inviting them to return for new
products, all this completely automatically, 24/7, even while you are on vacation on a 
sunny beach, or in bed, sleeping next to your loved one?

Thanks for your input.

Now, let's see the result... 

If you have selected "NO" to all 3 questions, then you can close this web page. I won't 
be sad if you leave, because the information I'm about to share is just not for you, and 
I don't want to waste your time...

However, if you have selected "YES" to all 3 questions, it means you have an interest 
in this amazing Internet adventure, and I urge you to keep your eyes glued on your 
monitor screen, because you're about to discover the most important information you'll 
ever read on line.

I promise you, at the end of this page, you'll never worry again about spending 
money on a bottomless pit of "FFA blasters," "bulk lists," and other "promotion 
software scams" to make people click to your Web Site.

Let's start...

You see, a Web Site or an E-zine can be a real cash machine... making you good 
money... and if you follow my advice... very good money too :-)

A Web Site is always available, and can automate your tasks, to minimize your 
effort...  and maximize your profit!

However, there is ONE thing that you need to do, if you want to see result  from 
your Web Site -or E-zine- and that is; you'll need to send traffic to it... 

... and the only way to do this is by... PROMOTING IT!

Forget the HYPE...

Internet promotion or marketing isn't as easy as some people claim. You can't 
just put up a Web Site or start an E-zine and wait for visitors or subscribers to 
show up.

Most of the currently selling Traffic Manuals tell you to mega-submit your web site 
to the search engines, post to Free For All sites (shame, shame, shame!), and all
the other bad methods, but they never reveal how you can create continued traffic,
and do this without wasting hundreds of dollars in unnecessary services or 

You may forget expensive Internet Marketing theories too... 

... most of these courses tell you how to "brand" your name or company, and 
never come to the real point...

... and that is: sending people to your site

What you need are concrete steps and specific directions to take to market 
your Web Site, E-zine or any on line business with a minimum time and money.

Take it from me... I used to spend a lot of money on web site submission and 
announcement services, I ordered every search engine placement, and "High 
Traffic Manual" I could lay my hands on, and guess what...

... I wasted a lot of cash, and absolutely nothing happened!

So I finally gave up optimizing my web pages to please the search engines and 
decided to learn from how the pro's did it.

To my big surprise, I discovered how the heavy traffic Web Sites with thousands 
of daily visitors, and E-zines with large subscriber lists, all used FREE promotion 
and advertising techniques to become -and stay- successful! 

I was shocked and excited at the same time when I found it out!

Of course, I started copying their smart promotion methods and tips, and finally 
I  started to make money, instead of spendingmoney!

Today, I keep the cash I used to spend on marketing and promotion experiments 
right in my own pocket :-) 

And now I'm about to share all these tips with you, so you too can get the same 


Dirk, I'm really impressed by your work. Of course ever since I read your emails for the first time this past summer I knew you were one of the good ones. I'm with you now, and I'm sure I'll be with you for the long hall as I give everyeffort to learn this business. I'm convinced that by reading as many articles and books that you have produced, and will produce in the future, I'll read yours first and compare with some others. Yanik, Jimmy Brown, Cory, are good authors as well, but my fate has attached to your coattail and away we go. My creativity will be enhanced with the study that I'll give your honesty and writing. Thanks, Seabron Page

"Dirk, people like you are a rare bird. There are too few people in the world who are in a help mode, but you're one of them, and I'm very glad that you appear in my mailbox on a regular basis. Thank you for that. Also, thank you for the offer of help. I'll remember it and I'm sure I'll have questions for you. I'm sure glad I know you. I'll forever be in your debt. Thank you, sir, 
Lawrence Noder 

Dirk, your "Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!" E-book is
the best on the web of it's kind. There is so much information in 
this book that I decided to work on it during my vacation. And 
it is paying! Thanks!
Odete Martins Bigote, 

"I just wanted to compliment you on your incredible E-book! I have been marketing online for 3 years, and this is one of the best resources I have found. I expect my E-zine subscriber base to grow like wildfire after 
applying the techniques you have outlined."
Troy J Hoecherl, No-Cash Networking 

Ever heard the saying; "If you build it -they will come"?


I'm sorry to tell you, but if you build your web site, nobody's going to come! 

Your mom might check it out -if she likes you enough :-) but that's it! 

You need to focus your efforts on promotion and marketing, this sounds more 
like the truth!

If you're looking to increase traffic -or get more subscribers- and start the Internet 
Cash Machine to work for you, with as little time, cost and effort as possible then 
"Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!" is exactly what you need.

Use the proven tips and techniques in this E-book, and take advantage of the over 
100 FREE on line resources and services and you'll soon get 1,000's of people 
to your web site, or sign up 10,000 subscribers to your newsletter... just like I did!

And I hardly know how to code a web page in HTML! :-) 

So, if I can do it, you can do it too!


"I decided to take the time to read your E-book today - and I'm glad I did! 
It's well formatted and contains 3.74 metric tons of useful info (roughly).
Thanks for making it available!" 
Kent E. Butler, Publisher, Custodial Engineer

"Thanks for your most enlightening 'Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made 
Easy!' E-book. To say it taught us a lot is an understatement! Extremely 
valuable lessons were learnt by us." 
Ron Hotchkis, 

Hello Dirk, Thanks for your amazing E-book. I'll be happy to include this 
in one of my upcoming issues of OPPORTUNITY UPDATE E-Zine.
Heather Colman, Opportunity Update E-Zine

"I am a beginner and your ideas made it possible for me to accomplish an online business. Your book is one of the greatest places to get up to date information on Internet Marketing, and the best part of all is that it comes with some amazing bonuses! Thanks again!" 
Dr. Fetcu Dumitru,

"Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!" is written to get you started 
right away. 

This book explains in easy steps how to do it right and professionally, for a price
less than the average web design book in your high street bookstore, or a 
(one time) Web Site Submission by one of the submission services!

And what's even better, every time you'll use this book, you'll discover new 
promotion techniques... and they will always work...

... satisfaction guaranteed!

More testimonials: 

"I just want to let you know that this was one of the best E-books that I 
have have purchased to date, the resources are great. The only other 
E-book that had a lot of useful information that I had purchased was 
take online payments." 

"I would like to thank you for helping me get my site 
listed on the search engines. After months of trying to figure out what 
the problem was I realized, as noted in your book, that my web editing 
program was flawed. I switched editors and now I am seeing results. 
Thanks very much!" 
-Dennis, webmaster,

"I was pleased with the format of your E-book. There are so many theories 
out there. Not many get down to the actual "how to" of internet marketing. 
You told me what to do and how. Thanks for covering what most don't."
-Pam Renovato

"Just wanted to tell you that you have a great E-book! After reading "Web 
Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy" I started my own successful E-zine
and E-books. Thanks!" 
-Vern Anderson, 

It's simple, and there are no "secrets" or "magic" involved... 

... if you want more visitors to your web site, or more subscribers for your E-zine, 
you'll going to have to spend some time promoting it -there's no other way!

"If you don't promote it, people just won't come! Nobody will know 
that you're there, if you don't tell 'em!" 

But relax, you will be shown how to promote the smart way...

... without buying an expensive marketing or promotion course from a so 
called "Marketing Guru" who charges 500.00$ an hour for his advice, offering 
nothing but minor improvements that will be outdated a few months later! 

... without using spam, ad banner services, bulk email, FFA-pages, or other 
disagreeable techniques that do not work, and risk loosing your ISP access! 

... and without spending big bucks on a Multi Level Network program or 
another money wasting opportunity that makes only the founders rich!

Believe me, promoting on the Internet has never been easier. 

That's why I gave this E-book it's title :-)

In fact, marketing on line can be fun, and if you do it good, you will make serious 
money from it. 

Download "Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!" today and you'll 
create a traffic sucking Web Site that turns visitors into life-long customers, 
in a short time, 100% guaranteed!

Here's just a small selection of what you will find inside:

    Access to the best FREE traffic generating services (no FFA pages), that 
    will send your  web site -or sales page- continuous traffic, 24/7!

    A FREE service that offers you unlimited and 100% banner free 
    autoresponders (saving you $130.00 each a year !)

    How to take credit card payments, and set up a workforce of thousand 
    resellers without need for a merchant account, affiliatesoftware, and 
    never pay a dime in monthly fees!

    You'll discover where and how well your web site ranks in the 
    search engines

    You'll find out if your site is search engine friendly, and what to do 
    about it to make it climb the ranks

    FREE places on the Internet where you can tune up your web pages

    You'll set up and run your own web contest, and announce it to 
    the world.

    You'll find out how you can trade a link with other web masters 
    or E-zine publishers, using a sample form, and they will be 
    forced to add your link

    You'll be shown how to set up, and give away your very own web 
    site award, and get hundreds of people linking to your site

    You'll use an opt-in mailing list to profit from your own services, 
    affiliate programs or products

    You'll receive access to dozens of time saving web master tools 

    You get exact instructions to optimize your pages, so that your 
    web site will be automatically indexed by the biggest directories

    You'll get FREE advice in one of the best online search engine forums, 
    from the best Internet marketers and promoters

    You'll start up and build your own subscriber list, and make good 
    profit from it

    You'll receive the 2 most used pop-up windows -you just copy 
    and paste the code in your HTML editor- FREE!

    You'll use a 100% FREE and completely automated service to 
    increase and grow your Newsletter, and this every month, 24/7, 
    even when you are sleeping!

    You'll be shown how to set up, and swap your E-zine Welcome 
    Message to receive FREE subscribers to your list

    You'll find out how to maintain multiple E-zines, and use a FREE 
    mailing list service -that will even PAY you to host your E-zine 
    or Newsletter!

    The finest directories to list your E-zine in -so advertisers can find 
    you and spend their advertising money with you

    You'll discover how to link your E-zine to your web site to receive 
    hundreds of steady subscribers. A sample of a subscription box 
    is shown, along with the HTML-code that you can copy and paste

    You'l find out how to make your web site searchable using a FREE 
    service that very few people know about

    You'll trade ad space with other Ezines, link to Swap Sites and 
    get FREE traffic from other E-zines

    You'll get access to a web site that automatically runs searches on 
    search engines and emails you when the results change!

    You'll go to places where you can meet other on line marketers and 
    discuss important topics, exchange ideas, barter for products
    FREE of charge!

    You'll be shown how to grow your newsletter extremely fast and keep 
    adding a non-stop stream of visitors every day

    You'll find out how you can use negative comments or critics to 
    improve your on line bueiness

    You'll be shown how to submit and resubmit your E-zine to the most 
    read announcement list on the Net -totally FREE!

    You'll be shown how to use all the different colors to influence your 

    You'll find out how to organize a discount sale, and explode your online 
    orders almost instantly.

    You'll create a viral marketing tool to attract thousand of new visitors

    You'll use a free online service to multiply your traffic... by letting others 
    do the work

    You'll have a FREE service guard your web site, so you'll always know 
    if your site is up and running

    You'll have access to HTML-courses, Java scripts, FREE graphics and 
    images, and other training tools to make your pages "top class"

    How to register your own domain name for less than the price of a

    A FREE script that lets your visitors refer new visitors. Easy to set up 
    and runs in minutes -one of the most effective marketing tools today.

    FREE services that will optimize your images and graphics to make your
    pages load faster.

    Plain truth, no B.S. search engines tips that you can't live without when 
    you want to list your web site the right way!

    Dozens of proven examples of original marketing methods that work 
    on -and off-line.

    Tips how you can save money and get up to 50% discount on your 
    advertising rates in Newsletters and 500 other products. 

    Tips on how you can grab your visitors attention when they get to your 
    web site, and ways to make them beg to send you your sales info.

    You'll become an advertising expert on a shoestring budget.

    You'll make the search engines return to -and love- your web site 

    You'll discover tips for smart web site design, and low-cost but highly 
    effective web site promotion tools that will have a dramatic effect on 
    your traffic!

    You'll let FREE ads and opt-in email work for you.

    You'll discover original E-zine list building tricks and advice, and get a 
    list of useful E-books, articles and on-line services to grab from.

    You'll receive simple but successful web site promotion tips that will make 
    your hit counter explode.

    You'll learn how to use autoresponders and discover how they can make 
    you money while you sleep.

    You'll find out how to profit from selling other peoples products, and 
    create your own E-book from the first letter to the final product

     ... and so much more I'm afraid my fingers can bear the thought of 
     continuing this list! (see page 1 - 96 :-)

Thanks to the amazing power of the Internet, you can get access to all these 
proven tips within a few minutes from your own hard disk! 

But that's not all! 

If you download my book today, I'll give you Full Resale Rights, and a Complete 
Sales Page with  Custom Images, just like the one you're looking at right now (this 
is a $250.00 value!) so you can start making profit in minutes!

Thanks to the amazing power of the Internet, you can get access to all these
proven tips within a few minutes from your own hard disk! 

This is a unique offer, that's been seen nowhere else! 

If you put this letter aside, without ordering, we both lose out. 

I lose out on a modest sale and you throw away what could be the greatest 
chance for you to finally make it on line!



Not satisfied? You'll get your money back!


Examine it, and use it for 90 days without risk!

If you are not fully satisfied with my book, you may let me know within 90 days from
the date of your purchase and you will receive a full, no-hassle refund!

In other words, "Web Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!"is guaranteed to
help fuel your on line business to the top!

This proves how much I believe in the power and effectiveness of my book!

So, why wait? Take advantage of this Special Price Offer now! 

I will not add a script here that tells you this offer will expire before 
midnight  because every smart person will realise that this price WILL someday go up!

You may not believe this, because you have seen this statement before, but 
listen to this...

I have a few serious Joint Venture Deals coming up with some exclusive online 
personalities, and they are all urging for a serious price raise, to make these 
Joint Ventures even more profitable!

... and I intend to follow their advice soon, because anyone can tell this is 
a Super Deal!

So why not purchase now and avoid paying more? 

Remember the saying:

"There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. One is to climb
the tree, the other is to sit on an acorn and wait."

There are also two kinds of online business owners... those who get started
climbing, and those that wait around for something to spring up beneath them...

Now, I don't have to tell you which one succeeds, do I?

After you have made your payment, you will be able to directly download "Web 
Site and E-zine Promotion Made Easy!", plus this Mini-Site, complete with 
Graphics, to set up and sell from your own web site, so you keep all the 
profits. (Remember, the Ebook in .pdf format can be used on any PC.)



"Dirk, Thank you for being such a good Internet (instructer) (teacher) (role model) (couch) and last but not least a friend in need. I am a internet newbie, and you are my inspiration on line. Man you gave me so much for free. Brother, you must be my online gaurdian angel! God bless you in whatever you do!" Vinroy Hamilton

"I've been involved in network marketing for almost 10 years. I know
so many people trying to learn HOW to build their network marketing
business on the Internet, I believe your E-book will be a great asset to
them. Thanks!" Clark Formaniak,


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