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Warning: You've reached this point with what technical skills you already have and you may not be prepared for all the people who are inviting you to join them!

With Just Five Minutes
and The Forum List...

You Can Reach Out to Thousands of People
Who Want to Hear
What You Have to Say!

Dear Conscientious Online Business Reader,

Wouldn't it be great to network with new people? Exchange industry news and tidbits? Learn new tips and find new resources? Make new contracts and partner up in joint ventures? Make more money?

Well, kick back and take five. Check out what The Forum List has to offer and get answers.

The Forum List

The Forum List is an ebook available via immediate download. In a nutshell, it contains over two-dozen categories of active forums. With The Forum List, you can quickly read through the alphabetical index listing of forums. Then simply use the search function of your reader to jump to the category.

Quick and Simple

Use our handy list of forums to network. Click the active forum link of your choice, register in minutes and join in the group's online discussions by posting under a topic here you have something to share. Many have introductory sections so that you can immediately introduce yourself, and sections for posting your own classified ads and "shameless self promotions." Go for it!

With The Forum List, you can:

  • Learn business-planning tips, marketing solutions, exercise strategies, weight loss recipes and menus, military news, and lots more.
  • Avoid wasting waste precious time and money by share posts about what works and what doesn't work.
  • Enjoy meeting new people, learning new ideas, running into new opportunities.
  • Be up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • Help your friends, family members, neighbors and others find forums in their areas of interest.
  • Get multiple mentors - - share posts with people who have "been there, done that."
  • Make more money. Check out marketing, computer, Internet and business forums. And join in their forum discussions about which search engines are rated the best each month among those who actually earn income from them. Find out to best optimize your website.
  • Draw people to your site, your products, your ezine, your list sign-up and more -- with your own ad and interactive link in your forum signature files.
  • Sell your products and service to those who are actively looking. Respond to posts for help.
  • Partner up with joint venture opportunities. Invite others to join you.
  • Find subcontractors; through forums, you can find someone to build your website, optimize your pages, create software for you, do your marketing and much more.
  • Stay anonymous 24/7. Online forum posting means you can surf the forums and post via public computer access or private access from work, home, while on vacation…..whenever. And there's no dress code. Wear a suit, jeans, shorts….whatever.
  • Have fun. Not all forums are work-related. Enjoy your hobbies, joke around with others, join a debate, let off steam…. In short, enjoy life with the many people waiting for you and inviting you to join them on The Forum List.

What's Inside?

Individual forum listings come complete with information about the forum posting sections, whether or not a paid subscription is required (most are free), the number of active subscriber or users listed at the time of publication (most continue to grow at a fast pace, so even more people are out there waiting to communicate with you). And each forum listing has an active link to take you directly to the forum in a click.

The Proof

Check out these examples to see how your list of forums could be beneficial for you:

  • We all know that parenting, marriage….life…..doesn't come with a manual. But so far, 8,705 members are finding help online at the Family Life Form with well over 91,200 posts about marriage, divorce, single life, adoption, and a whole lot more.
  • Who couldn't use some affordable legal advice once in awhile, even if just for a friend or loved one? Well more than 168,000 people made over 684,000 posts at one forum for legal advice - -and FREE legal advice at that!
  • And who couldn't use some free healthcare tips, advice, healing, etc.? One health forum alone from this list has over 139,000 members and a million + posts on illnesses listed from A to Z. Jump in and get help for the whole family!


When you received The Forum List, you automatically gained master rights.


This is worth repeating: When you received The Forum List, you automatically gained master rights - - and at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This means you may sell or giveaway The Forum List. You can also include it in a package, membership site, include it as a bonus or anything else.

I am also going to include this exact website and sales letter for you!

What does this mean to you?

You can:

  • Generate extra income from selling the ebook yourself
  • Add it into your membership site for your members to enjoy
  • Include it in a package to sell
  • Make it a Bonus for your customers
  • And more! - Joint Venture opportunities, affiliate programs…the sky's the limit.

P.S.: And don't forget about receiving your Master Resell Rights - FREE with your purchase today. No cheapy, junk bonuses with our product!

P.P.S.: Find more people to network with in a variety of forums just a click away in The Forum List. Don't miss out on today's opportunities!

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