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"Discover How You Can Very Quickly And Astonishingly Easily Get Successful Websites To Reveal Their Most Private Business & Marketing Secrets To You..."

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Hi, I'm Louis Allport,

This may surprise you, but if you know where to look - you can discover some of the most private business secrets of many websites online. Even detailed data like exactly how much traffic the site is getting, and where it's coming from!

What I'm referring to here is little known, but publicly available information that allows you to do very in depth research on almost any website you're interested in finding out more about.

This information can then be incredibly useful for helping grow your own online business...



How To Secretly Spy On Practically Any Web Business

Whether you're just looking for background info on a website, or want to get the lowdown on the marketing plan of a successful site, there's places you can go for this info...

I use these research secrets myself often, and I've broken down these website research strategies into eighteen distinct tactics.

I've put these tactics together into a series of coaching videos that show you how to quickly start using them. And very importantly - every one of these tactics is free to use.

These website spying tactics come in the form of eighteen videos you view directly at your computer. I've bundled these powerful videos into a product called How To Secretly Spy On Your Internet Competition:

These eighteen videos come to a total playing time of almost two hours: one-hundred and fourteen (114) minutes in total.

Here's a quick run down of exactly what you get:

Video One (9 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover how to find out exactly who owns a website, and how long they've owned it for.

Video Two (5 Minutes)

Here I'll show you how to quickly and easily find how a website has changed over time.

Video Three (6 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to find exactly how many (and what kind of) pages make up a site. What you discover here is often very surprising.

Video Four (9 Minutes)

Here I'll show you how to find exactly who's linking to a website, and how to automatically track this information over time.

Video Five (5 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover how to find the Page Rank of any page - without - using the Google toolbar.

Video Six (11 Minutes)

Here I'll show you one of the most surprising and powerful pieces of information you'll ever come across - exactly how much traffic a website is getting, where that traffic is coming from, how long each visitor is staying on the site ... and much more.

The depth of this publicly available information (if you know where to look) will really surprise you.

Video Seven (3 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to find all the PDF documents on any website you choose.

Video Eight (7 Minutes)

Here I'll show you a little known way to find out exactly which web host a competitor is using.

Video Nine (5 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to use Alexa to find how much traffic a website is getting - and - very importantly, what you must keep in mind whenever you look at any Alexa statistics.

Video Ten (10 Minutes)

Here I'll show you a publicly available database that can tell you exactly which kind of products are making the most money right now.

Video Eleven (5 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to find exactly what products your competition are selling on the popular Froogle search engine.

Video Twelve (7 Minutes)

Here I'll show you how websites can hide offers and information from you, and how to easily get around this so you can discover exactly what they're up to.

Video Thirteen (5 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you a little known way to find out how popular a blog or newsletter is.

Video Fourteen (5 Minutes)

Here I'll show you an easy way to list all the title text on a competitors website.

Video Fifteen (9 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to easily create keyword lists (with the help of your competition) and how to expand them into thousands of terms quickly.

Video Sixteen (5 Minutes)

Here I'll show a very quick and easy way to find which websites your competition own but are keeping private.

In this video I use this tactic on with very surprising results.

Video Seventeen (5 Minutes)

In this video I'll show you how to find out how much publicity your competitors are getting.

Video Eighteen (3 Minutes)

Here I'll show you how to find exactly where in the world any IP (internet address) is from.

For PC's Only - Not For Mac

I must tell you that this eBook only works (to my knowledge) on PC's. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, you won't have any trouble at all viewing this eBook successfully.

However, if you're on a Mac you'll more than likely have trouble viewing it.


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