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Instant Video Streamer - Add Streaming Video to Your Web Site

Add Streaming Video to Your Web Site In Just A Few Clicks, and...

Instantly Increase Your Web Site Credibility And Effectiveness - And Skyrocket Your Sales By Up To 600% In Just A Few Minutes

No expensive equipment, no hiring expensive consultants, no costly monthly fees

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A message with video and sound has been proven many times to be more effective than print advertising alone. Studies have shown that 6 times as many people will respond to a message that is made with video (NIH Research).

Streaming video also provides appeal on an emotional level, which can give the viewer a clearer understanding of your product or service. A "live" touch on your web site appeals to all the senses of your visitor, creating a closer connection between you and you visitor. If you put a personal presentation on your web site, the effect is like being right there in person with your client.

As a result, your web site is likely to increase its sales by up to 600% by just adding streaming video.

Over half the US Internet population views some form of online streaming video content
A recent study from ComScore Networks
showed that 56% of Americans view streaming video online, with the average consumer viewing 73 minutes of streaming video content per month.

This research confirms that streaming video is now part of the Web experience for a broad base of consumers. Streaming video is changing advertising on the Web, by allowing richer, more emotive connections between brands and consumers. Online video is uniquely positioned to break through clutter, changing media preferences, and other obstacles facing advertisers today.

As a result, streaming video commands more attention and response, thereby bringing better results to online marketing.

Instant Video StreamerUntil now, it has been a major challenge for most marketers to successfully stream most video files on the internet.

  • Have you ever wanted to put your favorite home video on the internet but did not know how?
  • Have you ever wanted to put a personal presentation on you web site, but did not have the means?
  • Have you ever tried to put any video file on your web site but it seems to take for ever to load?
  • Have you come across those flash movies that take for ever to load, and just show "Loading..." for a whole 10 minutes?

The truth is, most marketers have had no means - they either had to pay hundreds of dollars for expensive services to get a "professional" prepare video / flash for them, or they had to subscribe to costly monthly fees just to maintain their videos working on their own web sites!

Instant Video Streamer allows you to easily stream even large-size movies within minutes

Instant Video Streamer is a simple piece of software that converts those big / heavy video files (such as to new .avi, .mpeg, etc) to flash video file (.flv) format.

It then generates the files necessary to stream this video file, presenting you with a HTML file already embedded with the code ready to put on your web site. In order for you to add streaming video to your web site you just need to

  1. Record your video using a web cam or a digital video camera. You can make it as long or as short as you need! Save your video on your computer
  2. Use Instant Video Streamer to convert your video to flash video file
  3. Choose the size and color of your desired video player (preferences depend on your web site)
  4. Generate the HTML code and files needed to add streaming video to your web site

If you can switch on your computer, you can use Instant Video Streamer!

Instant Video Streamer comes in unlimited colors to suit any kind of web site

In addition, you can make your videos in any of the four sizes, allowing you to stream any video size. It only takes 1-2 minutes to stream most videos including those real big files

And guess what?
No more waiting for "heavy" flash files to load on your web site
No more paying hundreds and hundreds of $$$ as someone else prepares flash videos for you
YOU show them and tell them exactly what you want to yourself
No more paying costly monthly fees to get your own videos online!
Simple, do-it-yourself, top quality videos in just a few minutes

You no longer have to limit your web site to just text with pictures, but now you can amaze people with video on your website. You can now convert more visitors to buying customers.

When a consumer sees a 3-dimensional product in video, it inspires more trust than just static pictures or just some explanation.

The result is that your web site converts more visitors

You close up to 600% more sales
You sign up more prospects
You subscribe more prospects for later follow-up
You end up with more money in your bank

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Instant Video Streamer - Add Streaming Video to Your Web Site