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Have you ever wondered how those huge ezine publishers got so many subscribers? Wish there was an Easy way to learn how to create a profitable ezine and build a huge subscriber base REAL fast? If you have a computer and an Internet connection — even if you're completely clueless to ezine publishing! in less than 1 day I'll show you...

"How To Design, Build, And Deliver A Highly Profitable Ezine With My Simple, Step by Step Guide  — And Immediately Begin Building A Massive List of Targeted Potential Customers, Fast!"

"Finally! A Complete and Easy Guide to Publishing a Profitable Ezine."

FACT: An opt-in list is the MOST powerful sales tool used on the Internet.

FACT: An opt-in list is the MOST important asset of ANY Internet business.

Dear aspiring publisher,

Did you know that publishing an ezine is one of the most effect ways to make sales? Did you know that some of top Internet marketers pull in thousands of dollars every month simply by publishing an ezine? Ezine publishing is serious business. Whether you have your own products, or you're marketing affiliate products, you can increase your sales considerably, simply by publishing an ezine. Not just any ezine, but an ezine specifically designed to sell.

If you're already familiar with ezines, let me ask you this...

Did you know the biggest secret for generating insane profits on the Internet is an opt-in list? A good opt-in list can generate thousands of dollars a month! Can you picture yourself making that kind of money in a matter of months? And, did you know you can get started right now, today, and have your list building system up and running for less than the cost of a nice dinner?

Even if you're completely clueless to ezine publishing, all you'll need is a computer, an Internet connection and my publishing for profit guide, and you'll be well on your way to publishing a profitable ezine!

eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit is a complete step by step guide to designing, delivering and building a profitable ezine. It is written in a simple, everyday language that everyone can understand.

Do You Know What it Takes to Publish a Profitable Ezine?

If you don't, you're not alone. Although there are thousands of ezines available on the Internet, most have under 2,000 subscribers. Most Internet users simply don't know how to build a profitable opt-in list. They lack the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

But, there's good news!

eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit is the only course you'll need to teach you ...

  • How to quickly and easily design, build and deliver your own profitable ezine. Receive step by step instructions that will take you through the entire publishing process so you can begin profiting immediately.
  • How to transform your ezine into a powerful marketing tool that delivers a permanent, steady cash flow each and every month. Your ezine will continue to produce results each time you publish.
  • Why building an opt-in list is absolutely essential to your success. If you want to earn the mega bucks online, developing an opt-in list isn't an option -- it's a requirement.
  • How to strategically design your ezine to catapult your sales. And, have an unfair advantage over your competition.
  • Secret formulas for writing killer ads that produce results. Discover secret headline formulas used by professional copywriters to skyrocket your sales.
  • Sure-fire tactics to build your credibility and transform your ezine into an ongoing profit generator. Learn special techniques you can use to build your credibility with your readers and significantly increase your profits.
  • How to skillfully and strategically maneuver your ad placement to increase your ad's response rate. Discover exactly where to place your ads for the highest response rate.
  • How I built a whopping list of 20,000 subscribers without spending a dime on advertising! And, how you can duplicate my strategies with your own ezine.
  • 10 killer strategies that will consistently build your ezine 365 days a year. Discover exactly how to build a massive opt-in list that will continuously grow each and every day.
  • How making one small change to your ads can triple your response rate. Learn how to write ads that demand your readers' attention and produce results.
  • Where to find the absolute BEST opt-in list management tools that will literally grow your list automatically. These special management tools can literally increase your subscriptions up to 500% instantly.
  • Why your choice of list management tools can literally determine your ezine's success or failure. Learn how to select the best management tools that will help your ezine succeed.
  • How to completely automate your list management and free up your valuable time. Automation is the key to your success.
  • Where to get a hot in-demand software program that will completely automate your list promotions. Don't waste another minute manually promoting your ezine.
  • How to get powerful, in-demand content for your ezine delivered to your email each and every day. Best of all, it's completely free.
  • How to strategically target your market for maximum results. By targeting your market, you will increase your sales considerably.

Don't Buy Another Ezine Course Before You Read This...

Listen...I've been on the Internet for many years and have read MANY ezine courses. Sure, they'll teach you how to design an ezine, but they all seem to stop there. If you're marketing on the Internet, the main reason to publish an ezine is for profit. Sure, you want to provide your readers with quality information, but why would you want to do all that work for free? I certainly didn't.

I've been there, done that. And I was sick and tired of it all. You don't know how many times I thought about "throwing in the towel." (Can you relate?) As a matter of fact, I did once. When I first started on the Internet, I published a free weekly ezine for over two years and had about 2,400 subscribers. Certainly not a lot, but I worked hard for each and every one of them. So hard in fact that I was sick and tired of publishing. So, I quit. I gave my publication away. Boy...was that a mistake. But, it taught me a lesson I'll never forget...

Publishing an Ezine is an Absolute MUST...

At the time, I didn't realize that in order to develop a profitable Internet business, I had to collect my visitors' email address. I thought all I had to do was put up a web site, develop a product and the money would start rolling in...boy, was I WRONG. And, I had to learn the hard way. It never happened. Sure, I made some sales, but not enough to survive on. What a "light bulb" moment.

Well, instead of continuing to kick myself and wasting any more time on regrets, I began researching. I purchased every course I could get my hands on and tried every technique I had discovered. And, after years of wasting time and wasting opportunities, I began collecting my visitors email addresses and publishing another ezine. But this time, I was armed with the knowledge I needed to be successful. I finally learned (the hard way) exactly how to develop and build a profitable ezine that brings in thousands of dollars in profits each and every month.

Within a year and a half, I built my subscriber base to over 21,000 subscribers. Remember...I published my first ezine for two years and had 2,400 subscribers? That's an increase of 18,600 subscribers!

I finally learned exactly how to design, build and deliver a highly profitable ezine...

And, in eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit, I'm going to show you exactly how I did it...things like...

  • How to instantly double your subscription rate by using one simple technique. It's easy to do and won't cost you a dime.
  • How to use a strategically designed, plug-in ezine template that will save you hours of precious time. You'll receive all the information you'll need to get your ezine published, fast. Including several copy and paste templates.
  • How to properly format your ezine in plain text and/or HTML. Your ezine's format will play a major roll in your success.
  • Where to find a wealth of free content you can publish in your ezine as often as you'd like. Quality content is an absolute must.
  • How to write your own content and promote yourself as an expert in your field. Trust plays a major role in your potential customers' buying decisions.
  • How to instantly deliver your ezine to your subscribers at the click of a button. Simply paste your ezine into a form, click on submit, and forget it -- it's that simple. Your ezine will be delivered to each and every one of your subscribers no matter what happens -- even if you lose your Internet connection.
  • How to profit with your ezine's advertising space without selling it. This powerful technique is much more profitable than selling ad space.
  • How to triple your ezine's response rate by making one simple change. This technique is one of the most important changes you MUST make.
  • How to use professional list management tools to completely automate your ezine. Automate your subscriptions, removes, welcome messages, remove messages, and follow-up autoresponders.
  • How to blast your promotions to over 900 resources, instantly. This method alone will save you hours upon hours of time and effort.
  • How to strategically advertise in your ezine for maximum results. Your ad placement will play a major role in your ad's response rate.
  • How to use pop-windows to increase your subscriptions up to 300%, instantly. Discover how to use pop-windows that produce results.
  • Little-known secrets of building a massive opt-in list, fast. Use these secrets to propel your ezine into the big leagues.
  • Why selling your advertising space can cost you money. And, what you should really be doing with your ad space to increase your profits.
  • How to use pop-windows to increase your subscriptions up to 300%. Learn sure-fire techniques that continuously produce results. 
  • Where to get all the high quality, in-demand  content you'll ever need, completely free. No time to write an article? No problem. You'll have access to free high quality articles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • How to use soft-sell marketing strategies that produce explosive results.
  • How to Quadruple Your Subscriptions by using one simple technique. If you're not using this strategy, you're losing tons of new subscribers and money.
  • How to Test and Track Your Advertising Strategies with powerful 100% free tracking program.

Don't Waste Another Minute...

Start collecting your visitors email addresses right now, today. Every minute you wait, you're losing money. A lot of money. Believe me...I've been there. If I had only known the importance of publishing an ezine when I first started out, I can only imagine how many subscribers I'd have today. And, how much money I would be pulling in every month.

Don't make the same mistake I made...

Even if you've been publishing for a while and have a few thousand subscribers,
eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit can excel your publication into the big leagues, fast. Within a day, you will have the knowledge you need to build a massive list of targeted potential customers, fast. And start pulling in a nice income every month.

Think You Can't Publish Your Own Ezine?

Listen, you don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to publish your own ezine. If that were the case, most of us would fail.

You don't even need to be a good writer. As a matter of fact, you don't even need to write your own content if you don't want. I'll show you where to get all the free content you'll ever need. I'll show you where you can get great articles that you can publish in your ezine each and every week, completely free.

I'll even provide you with a ready-made template you can use to create your own ezine. Simply copy and paste it into your text editor and place your information where indicated. It's that simple. This template was specifically designed to enable you to place your ads where they'll pull the highest response rate. What's more, I'll even show you how to write persuasive ads that sell.

Even if you're completely clueless to ezine publishing,
eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit will take you step by step through the entire process. And, will provide you with the exact information you need to publish a profitable ezine.

Isn't it Time That You Start Making Some REAL Money Online?

eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit is the only guide you will ever need to teach you how to design, build, deliver and profit from a successful ezine.

Now is your chance to join the big league publishers and start building your own profitable ezine today.

Special Bonus Offer

When you purchase eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit, you will receive resell rights, completely free. What this means is that you will have the right to resell it and keep 100% of the profits for life. What's more, you will receive a web site just like this one that you can customize with your own sales links.

Simply follow the step by step instruction guide, and you can begin to immediately profit from this powerful resource. It doesn't get any better than that.

But, you'll have to hurry. Those who get their hands on this ebook first, will make the most profit.

100%, No Questions Asked MONEY-BACK Guarantee...

It's simple...if you're not absolutely thrilled with this ebook, for any reason, I'll refund your full purchase price.

Try Ezines: A Complete Guide to Publishing for Profit   RISK-FREE for up to 90 days. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, return the ebook for a full no questions asked refund!

If you're not collecting your visitors' email address, you're literally guaranteeing your failure. Isn't it about time you found the success you deserve?

Don't waste another minute. Your success depends on it.

eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit, and start profiting right now, today with your own profit generating ezine and FREE resell rights to this powerful resource. You won't find another product of this quality, at this price, with free resell rights, anywhere else on the Internet.

Now is your chance to take advantage of this very special offer and get your hands on the first ebook I have ever offered resell rights. What are you waiting for? Get started today. Your order will be processed on a secure sever and you can begin downloading immediately upon completing your purchase.

PS - If you're looking for a complete and easy guide that will teach you exactly how to design, build and deliver a profitable ezine, look no further. eZines: A Complete Guide to Publishing For Profit is the only guide you'll ever need. Believe me...I've been there, done that, and had to learn everything the hard way. But, you don't have to.

Just think...once you start publishing your own ezine, you can immediately begin selling this powerful resource to your subscribers.

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