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1. Detailed information on how the auction pros do it.
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And you guessed it, eBay Extreme provides both!

From the second you purchase eBay Extreme, you will gain vast knowledge from some of the Internets most respected auction sellers & authors AND you will receive complete resell rights to eBay Extreme as a whole & many of the eBooks located inside seperatly!

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Below is a list of the high-quality eBooks you will receive with eBay Extreme Package. Ready for you to learn and profit from!

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Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets!

How does the thought of turning 30 cents into $50 (or even much more) in seven days or less sound to you? Perhaps it sounds ridiculous or even impossible. But it has in fact already been done many, many times -- and much more easily than you may think.

Retail Value: $14.95

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Secret eBay Marketing

Are you currently making thousands in monthly profits from eBay, with just an hour of work a day? If you're not -- how would you like to? It's easier than you think ...

Retail Value: $19.95

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Auction Explosion

In Action Explosion you will discover simple steps you can use to get bids even wehn bidding is bad!

Also comes with a brandable eBook that you can give away to promote Acution Explosion!

Retail Value: $17.00

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101 Auction Secrets Revealed

Discover secrets for increasing your auction sales, customers, traffic and much more!

Retail Value: $14.95

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Auction Prophet
In this ebook you will learn the tips & tricks you need to be a success in the online auction game!
You will learn:
  • Best times to post auctions!
  • Secrets of feedback!
  • How to spot suspicious sellers!
  • Super power searching!
  • How to bid like a pro!
  • Much much more!
This ebook appeals to buyers and sellers! If you dont know everything about auctions you soon will with Auction Prophet!

Retail Value: $24.95

Give Away Rights!

eBay Secrets

Learn what no one else will ever tell you about making money on the webs most popular trading site!

Twelve chapters in all!

Give Away Rights!

How to Increase Auction Profits

Learn over 100 tips to increase your auction profits! This is a must have for anyone wanting to make serious money in online auctions!

Resale Rights!

Using NLP On eBay
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of hypnosis based on hidden, subliminally persuasive language patterns spoken or written. NLP is used to indirectly, secretively persuade, sway, and also control ones subconscious mind and decision-making process without them ever knowing it.

Retail Value: $34.99

If you purchased all the title individually you would spend over $130 and would have to spend hours learning what it really takes to increase make money online!

Remember, with your purchase you not only gain a higher knowledge about selling on eBay and other auction sites but you also get resale rights to this package and many of the items individually!

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Its not possible for you to lose. We are so confident that you will love eBay Extreme Package and the great opportunities it present that we offer a No Questions Asked, 90 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not honestly satisfied, just let us know within 90 days and we will promptly refund your investment.

P.S. If you order now, you will be guaranteed to also receive the following titles!

  • eBay Tips - Learn seven of the best tips about eBay! Give Away Rights!
  • eBay Reports - Discover the tips, tricks and secrects the pro's use! Retail Value: $9.95
  • Automatic Money Machine - Learn how insider secrets to successful eBay trading! Give Away Rights!
  • Antique Buyers Guide - Learn how you can start pofiting from antiques! Retail Value - $19.95!
  • Everything eBay - This eBook covers everthing you could ever want to know about eBay! Retail Value - $19.95!
  • Automated eBay Sales - Learn how to sell more and automate your sales on eBay! Retail Value - $7.00!
  • How to Create an Automated eBay Money Machine - Learn how to easily you can create an automated income on eBay! Retail Value - $17.00!

With the above titles, this brings the value of eBay Extreme Packge to nearly $200.00!

P.P.S. Remember you get full resell rights and lifetime updates when you order. You get the product and ready-to-go website! Just plug in your information, upload it to your web site and start making sales. You keep the money!


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