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"Here's How To START Making More Money From The Traffic You're Already Getting And STOP Leaving 80% Of Your Sales On The Table For Your Competitors To Claim!"

Just Remember As You Read This Webpage:




Excuse me for being blunt, but I'm known for telling it like it really is.

It doesn't matter if you're an affiliate seller or you're promoting your own products ....

If you're trying to build any type of Internet business, or even thinking about doing so, then these are some cold hard facts you need to hear.

90% of all people who set out to build an Internet business won't make a dime!

Of the 10% who do make some money - most of them will stagger along, making less than $200 a month for all their effort .... until they quit in frustration and resign themselves to punching someone else's timeclock for the rest of their lives.

But the saddest fact of all is this ....

It isn't their fault!

And if any of this is starting to sound familiar, then you really do need to read the rest of this webpage very carefully.

What I'm about to say next will probably p*** off a few self-proclaimed marketing gurus (I'm really good at doing that.)

So if you're doing your dead level best and you're still not making money on the Internet, then you need to hear this too.

The reason why it's not your fault is because you are being misinformed .... period.

You're being duped into believing that operating a successful Internet business depends on you having some "magical formula" or some bundle of arcane "secrets" that only this week's hot marketing guru seems to know.

And oh yes - those are the very same "secrets" he will be so happy to reveal .... if you'll just fork over next week's grocery money!

Now remember what I said at the top of this page ....

There are No Online Profit Secrets .... There are only Online Profit Systems.

And your own online profit system can be as simple as this ....

    Step 1 - define a market and find a product to sell.

    Step 2 - put a good salesletter on a website.

    Step 3 - advertise the product and the website URL.

    Step 4 - and FOLLOW UP with each prospect until they are ready to buy!

Now all those steps are important if you're planning to make website sales.

In fact, without any one of them, the online profit system doesn't work at all.

But which step do you think is most critical to making long term consistent profits?

If you said Step 4 .... then you win the prize!

(I'd send you a cigar, but that isn't socially correct anymore ;~)

And why is Step 4 the most important?

Because no matter what you're selling, very few prospects will buy on their first visit to any website - even if they have a defined interest, desire, or need for the product.

Depending on whose stats you read - as many as 80% of all website visitors will pass on making a purchase the first time around.

Maybe they want to "think about it" for awhile.

Maybe they need to wait until payday.

Maybe they aren't [yet] sure of your business credibility.

There are lots of reasons why a prospect won't buy right off the bat.

But the point is .... you need remind them about your product .... about the benefits of owning it .... about the solutions it offers to pressing problems.

You need to consistently follow up by email with each prospect until their objections are overcome and until your reminder arrives at a time when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Okay .... maybe you already know that.

After all, the concept of improving sales by way of follow up marketing is not one of those million-dollar guru secrets!

But here's another cold hard fact .... are you ready for it?

Failing to Follow Up Is Where MOST Internet
Business Owners Drop The Ball .... Bigtime!

And WHY do they drop the ball?

Most of the time, it's simply because they don't know HOW to entice website visitors to subscribe to an opt-in email follow up list.

They don't know HOW to set up and run an effective follow up marketing campaign.

They don't know HOW to maintain subscriber interest and keep those prospects "on the hook" until they are ready to make a buying decision.

And as a result, 80% or more of all live prospects end up falling right through the cracks, never to be seen or heard from again.

As a result, 80% or more of all potential sales are left on the table for competitors to claim.

Then the business owner winds up frustrated and disillusioned, wondering where the heck is all this Internet wealth that everyone else seems to have ....

.... when in truth, it's been slipping right through his fingers.

Well my friend .... the buck stops here!

How To START Making More Money From The Traffic You're Already Getting And STOP Leaving 80% Of Your Sales On The Table For Your Competitors To Claim!

This guide was written for "the little guy!"

But whether you're a little guy or not, you're about to discover ....

a precise plain English 14-step "recipe" to creating a fully automated follow up email marketing system that does most of the work for you and maximizes sales from whatever amount of website traffic you're already getting.

in-depth professional online training videos to help you kick off this powerful list building money-making system.

precise instructions on how to quickly write a 7-message follow up email series to promote any product or service (affiliate based or your own!) even if you think you can't write worth a lick.

priceless insight on the kind of messages you need to send, what they should say, why they should say that, and at what stages of the follow up sequence you should send them for the best effect.

a re-visit to a decades old but proven two-step promotion plan that will drive any lead capture system for pennies, and that works on the Internet better than it ever did before - PLUS the six rules you must follow to do it right the first time.

a non-technical breakdown on autoresponders (the workhorse of any automated follow up system) - what they really are - and how to find the best one to suit your own needs.

and that's just a taste! Please keep reading ....

In other words, the minute you open "Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek" you'll realize right away that it is not another volume of vague and loosely written theory.

It isn't a huge 4 megabyte tome that will take you weeks to digest and use. (In fact, you'll understand the basic system within about an hour from right now!)

There are no discussions of high-flown techniques that don't apply to small business.

Instead - what you will find is a "nuts 'n bolts" plain English marketing plan that you can put to work today to create and deliver a hard-hitting profit-generating email follow up system that will ....

fully automate your entire email marketing program.

entice your website visitors to voluntarily opt-in to your mailing list.

maximize your results from any sign-up page or lead gathering system.

maximize sales and profits from whatever amount of website traffic you're already receiving

leave your competitors (even other affiliate sellers!) behind in the dust.

plug the prospect/profit leaks in your marketing system once and for all.

capture more of that 80% of all prospects who were (until now) just slipping through the cracks at your website.

automatically create trust and credibility with new prospects.

build relationships that turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers.

automatically promote new products to those proven buyers for a phenomenal clicks-to-sales conversion.

reduce unsubscribers and refunds on sales to a bare minimum.

sign-up a steady stream of new affiliate sellers that will promote your products and services for you.

dramatically increase your bottom line profit without spending an extra dime on advertising and promotion.

reduce your personal workload so you'll have time to enjoy the benefits of operating your own business.

and that's just part of what you're about to do with your own copy of ....

"Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek"

Did that list of benefits get your attention?

Can you see just how much of your profit potential you're leaving on the table for your competitors to claim - and how drop-dead-simple it is to turn that table in your favor?

Can you see just how an effective and professional follow up marketing system is not optional? And that it's a required tool for any online business that intends to be a long term success.

Well, at this point, if you're not already convinced that "Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek" will ....

help you open new doors and profit opportunities for your business

maximize sales and profits from whatever amount of website traffic you're already receiving (whether you're an affiliate seller, selling your own products, or both)

automate many of the mundane tasks you do every day and free up more of your personal time

take your sales and profits to the next level without spending an extra dime on advertising and promotion

.... then there isn't much more I can say to convince you of your need for this powerful guide, or of the benefits you'll be passing up if you don't order today.

But I'm convinced .... and I'll guarantee the value of this product!

Order "Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek" today and use it for the next 60 days. Try out the step-by-step follow up "recipe" on every promotion you run, and pay attention to the results you get. Then, if you don't see a dramatic increase in your sales and response - or if for any reason during that 60 days you decide it wasn't worth your time or money, just email me a copy of your original sales receipt and I will issue a full refund within 24 hours - no questions and no hassle.

Plain and simple - if you're not happy I will not keep your money!

Now I'm not going to insult your intelligence by tacking on 27 meaningless "bonuses."

The precise 14-step follow up marketing "recipe" alone can pay back your small one time investment hundreds of times over for years to come.

And that's not to mention the in-depth online training videos and other proven tricks and techniques I'm about to lay on you.

But I do want you to have this additional resource .... just to be sure you get the full picture of how to profit from follow up email marketing to your own opt-in list.

This .pdf guide leads you through the entire publishing process - from concept to delivery - for any sort of newsletter, ezine, or special report you want to create and deliver by email.

You'll also discover the exact steps to take to build your mailing list quickly and on full automation, with a minimum of hassle for you.

Suggested Retail - $27.00

And okay - here's one last minute bonus that you can use to put some quick money in your own pocket. Order "Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek" right now and you'll also receive ....


.... to this dynamic new guide, plus a copy of this Dan B. Cauthron original webpage to sell it with. You can keep all the money from each sale you make.

And remember - this follow up email marketing system will work for you or you get your money back - every penny of it!

So the only risk you will absorb is if you continue doing business without an effective email follow up marketing system! And that is a tough risk to take - especially when you can make it go away right now.

So wrap your fingers around a copy of "Confessions of a Follow Up Marketing Geek" - and I promise that within one hour from now, you'll be so glad you did!

P.S. - You probably already know that it's a constant struggle to get traffic to your website.

But if you believe that traffic by itself is a solution to success - then I have a quick three word bulletin for you.

It is not!

Each visitor to your website presents a potential for putting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket immediately and over years to come.

But if you're allowing 80% or more of them to slip away - never to be seen or heard from again - if you're not following up by email and grooming each of those visitors to become lifetime customers - then in terms of business success, you might as well pull your pistol and shoot off your own foot!

Once again - it doesn't matter if you're an affiliate marketer, or you're selling your own products (or both.) You can relieve the pain right now.

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