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At Last! Cody Moya’s Article Marketing Secrets Are Revealed!


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Dear friend,


If you are currently selling info-products online and would like to make even more money, then this is the most important letter you will read today!


Here’s why:


My new “How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing” Course is guaranteed to send your profits soaring through the roof!


In this amazing course, you will learn how to:


  • Increase sales of a product or affiliate product by using article marketing to create high-value follow-up series for subscribers
  • Use article marketing to draw thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world's top search engines
  • Transform your pages into an authority hub by providing users and the search engines with high-quality, comprehensive content about your product, service and/or industry
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field – you’ll learn how to position yourself as THE PERSON that prospects should go to when they have a question about your industry!
  • And much, much more!


But Who Exactly Am I?

And Why Should You Listen to Me?


Hello my name is Cody Moya and there is a pretty good chance that you have never heard of me before.


Why haven’t you heard of me?


The reason is very simple, I’m not one of those people who is desperately seeking Internet fame. In fact, I spend most of my time with clients, helping them make even more money in their businesses.



And Now I Want to Help You Make More Money, Too!


That’s why I have created my “How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing” Course.


This course contains everything you need to know about article marketing to begin earning more money than you ever thought possible on the Internet.


Here are just a few of the many topics this comprehensive course covers:


  • Niche Marketing with Great Articles
  • Hold On To Your Customers: Using Articles To Keep Them Coming Back
  • Higher Rankings Through Private Label Articles
  • How to Use Article Directories to Increase Traffic
  • Closing The Sale: Articles as a Follow-Up
  • Building a Subscriber List with Articles
  • Be A Forum Star With Great Articles
  • Using Articles in Blogs
  • Using Articles and Affiliate Links
  • Articles and Link Exchanges
  • Getting Directed Traffic with Articles
  • Becoming Buddha: Make Yourself an Online Guru
  • Flog a Blog: A New Sales Device
  • Viral Marketing with Your Articles
  • Internet Automation Is Your Friend: Automated Submitters
  • Articles and Search Engine Placement
  • Article Directories Drive Traffic
  • Increasing Sales Conversion Rates with Articles
  • Articles and SEO
  • Prove you are an Expert in your Field with Articles
  • Drive Traffic with Fresh Content
  • Articles and Keywords
  • Articles: Your Key to Internet Marketing Success
  • Search Engine Optimization: Your Page Content
  • Finding Articles for Your Newsletters
  • Articles Boost Your Income
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise with Articles and Ebooks
  • It's All About the Content: Generating Sales with Articles and Newsletters
  • Using Article Directories to Drive Traffic to Your Site
  • What's Wrong with Content Generators?
  • Using Clean Content Design to Improve Your Website Stickiness
  • Reap Traffic from Article Directories
  • Targeted Content Can Increase Affiliate Sales
  • Article Directories: Good Idea, or Dead End?
  • Why Use Keywords and Keyword Phrases?
  • Using Reports to Build Subscription Rate
  • Developing Newsletters with Private Mailing Lists
  • Maximize Your Search Engine Traffic With Great Articles
  • Advertiser-Supported Ezines - From Your Site
  • Using Private-Label Rights Articles To Enhance Your Business
  • Credibility, Trust, and Your Name at Stake
  • Why Should You Have Articles?
  • Using Squeeze Pages to Encourage Registration
  • Get Link Exchanges with Great Content
  • Why Do I Need Private Label Rights?
  • Articles and Ebooks
  • Enhancing Site Traffic with Easy Ebooks
  • Automated Web Publishing: Fresh Content Every Day
  • Viral E-Books
  • How Do Spiders Register Content?
  • And much, much more!


The Simple Truth is:


Providing Useful, Compelling Content to Prospects

is the Key to Succeeding Online Today!


So are your current articles having the impact that they should? If not, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars in profits!


It’s true. In today’s highly competitive Internet marketplace, your website articles need to capture attention, get visitors excited and involved, and ultimately lead them to take your desired action (make a purchase, fill out your inquiry form, sign up for your newsletter, etc.)


Your articles are like a virtual salesperson for your Internet business, and can have a tremendous impact on sales.


In fact, the right articles can increase orders by 400% or more!



Get the Expert Advice & Information You Need to Prosper in My Course, “How to Earn Five Figures

a Month With Article Marketing.”


You will learn how to:


  • Quickly and easily create your own content-based websites!
  • Receive more frequent spidering and ranking by search engines that give preference to sites that have fresh content!
  • Receive more frequent visits by people who appreciate up-to-date content!
  • Use the articles to create your own ebooks and information products!
  • Use the articles to publish your own online or offline newsletter!
  • Archive hundreds and thousands of keyword specific articles about your industry!
  • Utilize keyword-rich anchor text within articles to literally create thousands of highly targeted text links back to any site or page that you own!
  • Use articles to generate Adsense and affiliate commissions!
  • Receive thousands of links to your articles from the major search engines on other related keywords within your industry!
  • Generate free, unlimited traffic!
  • Use articles to create training courses and special reports!
  • Use articles to create a follow-up series to contact prospects several times before they buy
  • Use articles to gain instant credibility and guru status, which will help boost your sales conversions
  • Use articles to run periodic ezine articles and for advertisements
  • Combine several articles to create a special report with links back to your website
  • Combine several articles to create a viral ebook
  • And much, much more!

Simply put, taking my “How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing” Course will enable you to give prospects exactly the content they are searching for!



So What Are You Waiting For?



I must warn you that I can’t keep this course at this low price for long. It is far too valuable. To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts!




With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,

You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose


I am so sure that you will love How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing” that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 30 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – and a world of great article marketing information to gain!



This is Your Chance to Dramatically Improve

Your Article Marketing Skills!


With my ebook, you will learn:


  • How to get increased sales from high value follow-up series and informational products
  • How to get increased traffic from search engines, article directories, ezine articles and much more!

In short, after completing this course your traffic – and sales – will exponentially explode!


You’ll be able to easily steal customers from the competition’s lame, over-used content. In fact, you could quickly dominate a niche market in record time and start building a super-profitable business in just minutes.


And that’s just the beginning, because with the “How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing” course, you can also …

  • Quickly & easily create website content that the search engines are waiting to highly rank!


  • And much, much more!



P.S. – This gem will be sold for $67. This introductory price is a "Buy it NOW before it's too late" offer... so act fast!

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P.P.S. – Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you be able to use the secrets of article marketing to explode your business profits any time soon? NO! Get this book NOW and get the advice and information you need to begin earning more money on the Internet than you ever dreamed possible!


Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.



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