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Monday, 9:26 a.m.
RE: How To Increase Your Commissions By 600% or More!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you'd like to easily boost your affiliate earnings by up to 600% or more (starting today!), without having to spend hundreds of dollars on those expensive “make money with affiliate programs” eCourses or software programs, then this might be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

My name is Gabriel Aguinaga. I am not a professional copywriter that gets paid thousands of dollars, nor am I one of those “gurus” or even claim to be one! I am just a regular 22 year old college guy with one tiny addiction... I love to work-at-home... but more specifically, I love selling other peoples products and collecting large affiliate checks sitting right in front of my "eMachines" PC :-)

Now that you've gotten a feel for who I am, I wanted to share one tiny little secret with you.

You see, for the past two months I have been using a simple technique that has increased my affiliate earnings by 600%.

It is a technique used ONLY by professional affiliate marketers (most paid $97 to learn this technique) and for the first time ever, I have dared to reveal how anybody can apply this amazing system to their own affiliate marketing... for FREE!

You'll literally want to slap yourself once you realize how much money you have been leaving on the table.

I am referring to the large amount of profits you have been losing because you have not been encrypting your affiliate links... The Right Way!

Sure, everybody and their dog can encrypt an affiliate link, but only those using "advanced encrypting" are noticing 600% more sales.

How does a 600% more affiliate sales, just by changing
the format of your affiliate links sound? Amazing, Right?!

I know you are eager to learn more, but before I give you the whole scoop…

Allow me to quickly point out 3 ways you're losing money with affiliate programs right now.


People Are Hijacking Your Hard-Earned
Commissions Right Under Your Nose.

Link Hijack

Below is my affiliate link for (with geh82gp being my CB ID)

Most people will simply replace my Clickbank ID with their own, make the purchase, and use the commission as an instant rebate.

Guess what?

This is EXACTLY how YOU are losing tons of commissions!


You Are Literally Begging Prospects To Bypass Your Affiliate Link!

Link Bypass

Most prospects will not click on your affiliate link if they suspect you'll earn a commission off them. They will instead bypass your link by copying the main url of the link, and then pasting it in their address bar.

Below is my affiliate link for

Most people will simply copy & paste the main url into their address bar, which is

Like I said, they hate to think you'll earn a commission, so they rather bypass your link and buy straight from the product owner. (Instead of you)

You Just Lost Another Commission!


You Are Losing Sales Because Your
Affiliate Links Look Unprofessional.

Unprofessional Links

I always know when a newbie marketer's email slips in my inbox... how? They promote that long and ugly link... and you know what I do? I delete the email instantly. If I am going to buy something, it'll be from marketers that know what they're doing.

Be honest, would you click on my iPowerWeb affiliate link?

This is my affiliate link for iPowerWeb Web Hosting:

Are you serious?

The link looks horrible, unprofessional, and I bet not even my own mother would click on it!

How To Encrypt Your Affiliate Links For Maximum Profits!

The majority of the "gurus" are now creating professional affiliate links to boost their profits...

You have probably seen these type of links already, the most popular is the "Recommends" style link ==>

The "RECOMMENDS" Encryption
Method Is Extremely Powerful!

Here's Why:

Number one: It tremendously reduces the possibility of prospects "Hijacking & bypassing" your affiliate link. (That's more money in your pocket!)

Number two: The "Recommends" link looks professional and gives your prospects the impression that you are just recommending a product, therefore, they will not hesitate to look into your recommendation!

Conclusion: More people will click on your affiliate links and your chances of making sales will immediately skyrocket!

The Test Results Are In

Here are the results from a split-test email promotion to a small list of 1,062 subscribers. The two emails were identical, only the format of the affiliate link was changed.

- 50% of emails went out with the ugly affiliate link that the program owner provided.
- 50% of the emails went out using the "Recommends" style link.

Email A

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, times running out... hurry!

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Gabriel here...

Email Text Goes Here (removed for this example)

My advice to you is:

Make sure you join "The Subber" before they
close their doors {!firstname_fix}.

Below is the direct link to the signup page, Go Now:

Take Care and God Bless!

Gabriel Aguinaga

RESULTS: 21 clicks to my affiliate link. ( click-thru rate = 4%)

Not Bad...

Email B

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, times running out... hurry!

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Gabriel here...

Email Text Goes Here (removed for this example)

My advice to you is:

Make sure you join "The Subber" before they
close their doors {!firstname_fix}.

Below is the direct link to the signup page, Go Now:

Take Care and God Bless!

Gabriel Aguinaga

RESULTS: 169 clicks to my affiliate link! ( click-thru rate = 32%)

Email "B" Received A Mind-Blowing 800% More Click-Thrus!
And Resulted in 6 Times more PAID Signups!
(600% More Sales!)

Can You See How Using The "Recommends" Affiliate Link Can Send Your Online Profits Through The Roof? Of course you do.

Unfortunately, using this type of technology does not come cheap...
Software Programs That Create "Recommends" Affiliate Links Sell For Up To $97.00!

But I Do Have Breaking News!
"I Have Created (Step-By-Step) Onscreen Video Tutorials That Show You EXACTLY How To Quickly Turn Those Ugly Affiliate Links Into Professional "Recommends" Style Links... And I Am Making Them Available To You At An Unheard-of Low Price!


Affiliate Sales Booster

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Track your click-thrus for even bigger profits. Discover how to easily imbed a tracking code in every link that you promote... no more shooting in the dark - you'll know EXACTLY which promotions are pulling the most clicks!

Just imagine what you can do with this information!

Save A Whooping 97 Bucks! Why spend up to $97 on expensive software... create unlimited “Recommends” affiliate links yourself... in a flash... and use the $97 to grow other aspects of your online business!



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I have to admit, offering master resell rights to my videos was a 'risky' move... my internet "buddies" think I'm crazy and they have been trying to talk me out of it. I warn you... I am strongly considering pulling the master resell rights offer once 150 copies have been sold. And Yes, they are selling out FAST!

Okay, So How Much Are You Willing To Invest In This Incredible Solution?

You must realize that that the videos alone could easily sell for $60. But remember, if you order now you’ll also be entitled to receive master resell rights to my videos, which includes a copy of this professional website (Valued at $297).

This brings the value of this deal to an amazing $357!

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near those figures.

What you will learn from these videos will pay for your small investment over and over again, I guarantee it.

But wait just one second...

"You Don't Have To Decide Right Now!"

90 Day Risk-Free Trial Certificate

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Here’s how my rock-solid, take-it-to-the-bank guarantee works...

If you want a refund (for no reason)... You WILL get your money-back!

Just send me a quick email within 90 days of your purchase date and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund for the full amount invested, No Questions Asked.

There will be no hard feelings, no funny business and no beating around the bush.

So no matter what you decide, we can still be friends just for giving me a chance to show you what my product can do for you.

Fair enough?

Important Update!

To celebrate the launch of my very first product, I'd like to extend an 'early-bird' offer to those who take advantage of this right now!

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In A Nutsell, Here's What You Are Getting :

  • A proven solution to increase your affiliate commissions by 600%
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