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Warning - Proceed with caution:
The following information is explosive! It provides a means to spread information about your affiliate program FAR and WIDE - exploding your sales potential!


Dear Savvy Affiliate Program Manager,

Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your sales? And what if while you were doing this, you could save time, money and effort – all to use on other projects – or for fun!

If you take just five minutes to check out Affiliate Directories and what we're all about, you can achieve more sales for your business:

Affiliate Directories

Affiliate Directories is a PDF ebook available for immediate download. With Affiliate Directories, you can quickly learn where to announce your affiliate program information in more than 50 places linked in alphabetical order. No experience necessary.

Simply use this handy list of affiliate directories to announce your affiliate program. Then enjoy more time as people come your way to sell your products and services for you. I’ve even added a time-saving tip too.

With Affiliate Directories, you can:

  • Save time searching through endless sites and directories trying to find legitimate places where you can announce your affiliate program. They're here.
  • Avoid effort and stress. List your program immediately and click away. Let others do the work, find the prospects, close the sales. Make money from them.
  • Save money. Make more money. Forget using your precious time, energy and money recruiting help, placing ads, following up with leads - the whole nine yards. List your program, then create a new program. The first one is on its way to automatic pilot now.
  • Have fun! Free up your time to do more productive things - like have fun.

Want some proof?

Check out these examples to see how Affiliate Directories could put more $$ in your pocket:

  • It is no secret to say that many affiliate marketers make over $5,000 a month, while many others also make over $20,000 a month doing affiliate marketing. Get some of these people working for you!
  • In Super Affiliate Handbook, Rosalind Gardner shares her own success at earning over $435,000 per year with affiliate selling. Do the math & calculate your own earnings with a small sales force earning even a fraction of that - for you!
  • People & companies worldwide list their affiliate programs: Armand Morin, Willie Crawford, Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Barnes and Noble, Ebay,, Wall Street Journal, USAToday. They list, get affiliate sales help & earn income. And so can you if you know where to announce your affiliate program!

Master Resell Rights

When you receive Affiliates Directories, you also receive Master Resell Rights and a website just like this one at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

What does this mean to you?

You can:

  • Generate extra income from selling the ebook yourself.
  • Add it into your membership site for your members to enjoy.
  • Include it in a package to sell.
  • Make it a Bonus for your customers.
  • And more...Joint Venture opportunities, new affiliate programs…the cyber-sky's the limit.

So if you're ready to stop wasting precious hours and elbow grease searching for sites & directories where you can list your affiliate program, place your order now!

P.S.: No need to worry about not being satisfied because you are covered with my 30 day unconditional money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied, simply let me know and I will refund 100% of your investment! No questions asked.

P.P.S.: Remember you also receive master rights and website to sell from - FREE with your purchase today.

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