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"40 Successful Internet Marketers Explain Step-By-Step How They Make Money On Line." 

Need More Traffic? Sales? 
Get Help From The Pro's!

Proven tips from real people, 
making real money on line!

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Dear Friend,

Right now, people all over the world are making money on line via their 
Web Sites and Ezines, and I have managed no less than 40 of them to 
reveal their personal success tips with you...

... so keep reading if you want to find out how they do it!

No matter what you sell on line (Ebooks, software, or affiliate programs), 
your business will only become profitable if you know the basics of Web 

You may have the coolest web site in the world, a site that impresses 
and entertains... but if you don't know how Web Marketing works, you 
will never make ONE SINGLE CENT from your site. 

The truth is, most people are totally confused and puzzled about Web 

... and no wonder... 

There are thousands of "wannabe" guru's out there, telling you they have 
the "Secret To Making Money"... but all they want is your money... 

However, don't panic :-) 

Marketing on line is not as difficult as you may think. Really, it's not!

Anyone can do it, and there's no need to waste your money on expensive 
marketing sessions, training classes, or "guru" video's...

... it all comes down to some simple basic rules (like using autoresponders, 
pop-up windows, setting up joint ventures), and once you understand how 
Web Marketing really works, your business just can't fail!

Now, here's help for you... 

"Web Marketing Explained" contains nothing but proven tips and methods  
that are currently used by 40 experienced and successful Web Marketers 
who make a good living from their E-business.

These experts all have one thing in common... they use the same simple
web marketing techniques
to make their profits.

And now they are sharing what REALLY works and what DOESN'T when 
it comes to Internet Marketing. 

They are telling EXACTLY what they are doing to get the phenomenal 
results that you can also get with your own Web Site or Ezine.

Don't worry, this is not a boring book about "marketing psychology" or 
"branding your business"... 

"Web Marketing Explained"
contains over 100 pages, packed with hard
hitting facts and live examples
of how some of the Web's most respected 
marketers create streams of income with their E-business.

Below are a few of the names that reveal their success tips:
  • Joe Vitale (Joe is the hottest copy writer in America. He can 
    sell condoms to nuns and vegetarian cookbooks to Texas 
    cattle ranchers :-)

  • Andrew Fox (Andrew's web business went in under 2 years 
    from $0,00 to $350,000! Now you can discover what he did to 
    get there)

  • Jason Potash (Creator of the "Ezine Announcer" software)

  • Jeff McCall (Owner of the "Success Library")

  • Alex Sampson (Founder of "Ultra Marketing Enterprises", and 
    author of "Perfectly Profitable Products"

  • Mani Sivasubramanian (Well respected author of the "Ezine 
    Launch" book, and expert in Ezine Marketing and Promotion)

  • Neil Sharing (Full time UK marketer, owner of the "ScamFree 
    Zone", and writer of several bestselling products)

  • Ruth Townsend (Founder of "The Directory of Ezines", expert 
    in Ezine Advertising)

  • Robert Smith (Famous UK Marketer and Publisher of "The 
    Internet Marketing Newsletter")

  • Merle (Owner of the "" service, and all round 
    Internet Marketer)

  • Dirk Dupon (Ebook marketer and author of "Web Site and 
    Ezine Promotion Made Easy!"

  • Pamela Heywood (Respected Ezine Publisher and owner of

  • Lisa Frenzel (Author of "Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers 

  • Paul Reilly (Paul is also know as the "Viral Marketing" expert)

  • Paul Barrs (Long time marketer and owner of the "Home Business 

    And this list goes on for a while...

It's true; you learn best and fastest by asking help from the Big Players. 

Well, here's good news... I have done it for you!

I have created a list of the most important questions that anyone who 
plans to set up (or already runs) a web business can think of, and I invited
the 40 experts to answer them in all honesty. 

Here are a few of the questions...

  • "What do you consider the most difficult part about running 
    an on line business?"

  • "Can you explain how you market your products (or affiliate 
    programs) on the Internet?"

  • "Why do you think so many on line businesses fail?"

  • "Are you using Ezine advertising? How effective is this form 
    of advertising today?"

  • "What is your opinion about web promotion software and 
    "traffic generating tools?" 

  • "What is your most effective marketing technique, and why?"

  • "What are some of your daily marketing tactics that build
    your on line presence?"

  • "If you had $100 to spend to improve/promote your business, 
    how and where would you spend it?"

  • "What's the most effective tool/resource that you use to get 
    new prospects to your Opt In list or Ezine?"

  • Plus there's much more covered... 

Let me tell you this... 

"Web Marketing Explained"
contains the most valuable insider information 
and real-life-situation tips ever revealed, and it's simply unthinkable that you 
will not increase your profits if you read this Ebook!

Or would you prefer to hire someone for a $500.00 an hour fee, to tell 
you the same like what's inside this Ebook?

I guess you don't... so save your money and get instant access to this 100%
unique information packed and no-barrels-hold manual today!

Below are some testimonials of people who read my book:

"Brief, punchy, practical, and money-making- that's what you'll 
get in this fast-paced, tried-and-tested new collection of insights 
from the best of the best. Read it. Use it. Profit from it."
- Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author

"This is a great ebook full of short, interesting interviews 
from real people who are "in the trenches" and are actually 
making money online...well done :-)" - Neil Shearing, Ph.D.

"Dirk, I just finished reading "Web Marketing Explained" 
... what an excellent resource for marketers to learn first 
hand from the most successful business people on the 
Internet. This "insider advice" will teach many "wannabe's" 
how to become and stay successful in business... and 
not have to go through the hassles and frustrations that 
many of us faced "back in the old days"! Nice job!"
- Ruth Townsend, "Directory of Ezines"

"As ever Dirk, you've pulled together a LOT of interesting 
and valuable information from some great people. These are 
all very candid and natural interviews. Anyone who wants to 
know how we do stuff and, get to know who to trust online, 
will find this a very USEFUL volume." - Pamela Heywood 

"Great cast of online marketers. I think this may be your 
best one yet... You are definately the interview king! For 
anyone who's clicked onto this site, don't even hesitate. 
Just buy it! This ebook is definately top notch..."
- Bryan Honesty

"Thank you very much, Dirk! Finally a huge collection of 
secrets from online gurus come out. If you want to discover
how they make unbelievable success in such short time,
that is your choice. I love amazing idea from Joe Vitale
and Main Sivasubramanian. Great stuff!" '
- Jian Wang, author of "Hypnotic Persuasion"

"I really think people can learn a LOT with this eBook, 
reading between the lines you see the truth that makes 
all businesses sucessful. I won't spill the beans, I think 
people need to read it for themselves. Thanks for your 
great eBooks!" - Robert Smith

"I actually found "Web Marketing Explained" reassuring. 
Every now and again, I ask myself if there's something 
I'm doing wrong. After reading what fellow marketers, both 
seasoned and new, do to promote their web sites, I feel 
much more confident in myself. Of course, as with any 
good ebook, I gained a few more tidbits of knowledge too!" 
- Edward Gause, "Internet Marketing for Beginners"

"I've been watching Dirk's marketing activities on the Net 
for a very long time and the only thing I can say is: he's 
absolutely gorgeous. Whatever he does is simply superb. 
And this book is just another proof. Definitely worth having."
- Irena Whitfield, "Pathway To Success".

"Another indispensable book. I am gradually becoming 
addicted to the no-nonsense, from the horse's mouth 
compendia of wisdom and experience that emanate from
Ebooks-made-Easy. Instead of authoring bloated and 
irrelevant theoretical - and often useless - texts about 
marketing - Dirk goes to the source: the netrepreneurs. 
His tomes are witness accounts, first hand summaries 
of the paths of perspiration and inspiration that lead 
to ultimate success. A must." - Sam Vaknin

"Web Marketing Explained" will also give you the following...

A unique and FREE Traffic Generating Viral Marketing Tool, to automatically send your own sales page lots of traffic

An original way to instantly double -or triple- your existing Web 
Site traffic -using a 100% FREE on line service -and how to put
      this automatic traffic generator to work on all your web pages

Proven methods to get more profit out of your existing Ezine or 
Opt-In List -and the number one rule you need to avoid when 
      you use Email Marketing

Simple tips and techniques that will help you automate your 
business, so you can stay focused on the important things

Why Ezines or Opt-In Lists are gold mines, and how you can 
turn your existing customer files into life long cash machines
       -and why most list owners don't put this into practice

Virtually unknown ways to create a continuous stream of new 
leads and how to make them loyal customers 

In other words: "Web Marketing Explained" will teach you 
how to skyrocket your product -or affiliate- sales

PLUS: Not only will you get this Top-Notch 
Information Packed Manual, but you'll also 
PROFIT from it!

Yes, the "Web Marketing Explained" Ebook is just the beginning!

You'll also be given complete and detailed instructions to turn this Ebook 
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Let me explain...

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"Web Marketing Explained" you will also get 
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  • A FREE customizable copy of the "42 Killer Marketing Articles"
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  • "Working With Clickbank" E-book (in .pdf format) (A $9.95 value!)

    Tom Hua's book is a must-have for anyone wishing to sell Ebooks 
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"Web Marketing Explained" comes in .pdf format, so it's for both PC 
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by Jimmy Brown

"How ANYONE can easily earn
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by Neil Shearing

Neil's Ebook reveals the "Power-Info" necessary to make a super success of any on line business! 

Inside "Impact Lessons" you'll find out how to turn any Web Site into a traffic generating and profit creating 100% automated cash machine.

by Jeff McCall

Everything you will ever need to install pop-
up windows on your web site to improve your sales and subscription rates!

From the basics, right through to advanced features like cookies and pop-ups that "self-
destruct" after a certain amount of time. A handy automatic
pop-up script generator is also included! 

by Dan B. Cauthron

Making $500 a week is realistic with your own online Ebook business!

"Ebook Bonanza"
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As soon as your order is placed, you will have access to the Ebook, the 
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: I'm not going to make any crazy promises here, or guarantee you 
overnight Internet wealth. The only one that can guarantee you this is...
YOU! All I can do is point you in the right direction...

P.P.S. One more thing I almost forgot to mention - this offer includes the 
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