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Don't Try To Make Money Online Alone...

"Kidnap 8 Top Super-Affiliates and Force Them to Tell You All Their Secrets of Making $22,000 or More Per Month"

"This book is written by By Lisa Frenzel and is a fascinating read! The interviews with the big names in the industry such as: Shane Pearce, Allan Gardyne, Brian Garvin, Frank Garon and Lawrence Pryor contains a wonderful selection of tips and advice that can teach all of us how to make more money with affiliate programs..." Allan Wilson


It Could Take Years...

But instead of killing yourself to try and come up with the winning combination of being a top affiliate marketer, you can now steal the winning formula from the top affiliate marketers on the Internet using my secret system...

I know you are probably still a bit skeptical, but think about this...if you keep doing the same things over and over again - day in and day out - without the proven information - you'll only succeed in getting the same results. 

You Will Discover Secrets From Top Marketing Affiliates Like:

Allan Gardyne (
Allan is one of the top respected affiliate marketers on the internet today. He started out making just $10 a week with affiliate programs and now runs one of the most top visited affiliate directories on the web. He now has a team of seven people working for him.

Brian Garvin (
Brian is considered one of the most popular affiliate marketers on the Net. He is the developer of the successful mailing list script Optin Lightning. He currently rakes in $22,000 (NO that 's not too many zeros) a month in affiliate programs alone. 

Frank Garon (
Frank spent over 15 years, making $14.25/hour driving a truck for a living. He now receives 27 different affiliate checks a month all totaling $11,500. Frank has currently finished producing information products with guru marketers Terry Dean and Lee Benson just to name a few. 

Shane Pearce (
Shane started out affiliate marketing at the age of 16 and has since become one of the youngest top producing affiliate marketers on the Net today. He has since branched out to create his own products, but still makes $3000-$4000 monthly promoting affiliate programs part-time.  

And many more...

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Here Are Some Of The Powerful Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Will Learn:

  • The top 8 strategies used when choosing an affiliate program

  • The secrets to whether or not you should become familiar with a product before you promote it (Find out what the affiliate marketing experts have to say)

  • 15 steps to take today to guarantee you receive a monthly affiliate check

  • The successful approach you should take when promoting affiliate programs

  • Why most affiliates never receive a commission check and the easy steps you can take to make sure you receive at least 1 check in your mailbox each month

  • The #1 most important marketing strategy these top affiliates are using to stay successful and how you can do the same

  • Never before revealed information top affiliates wish they had when starting out

  • 8 proven money-making secrets used by top marketing affiliates to generate traffic to any affiliate site

  • The truth about which marketing techniques NOT to use when promoting affiliate programs

  • 8 of the biggest marketing mistakes new affiliates make and how YOU can avoid making them

  • Do you think you need your own product to succeed online? Find out what our top affiliates have to say

  • Discover the type of cash producing affiliate programs they recommend (like money generating 2 tier affiliate programs and more)

  • Find out the difference between the top cash generating marketing affiliate and the average Joe... Both are promoting the same program...Why is the top affiliate successful and the average Joe not?

  • Discover 10 success driven marketing tips they have learned over the years and have passed on to you

  • Plus get an 8 Step Quick Start Guide

And Much More....

But you know what? There is nothing special about these people. They're from all over the world, and come from many different backgrounds. The one thing common in all of them is that they're normal real people...and they have a few success secrets average people don't know.

One of them was bankrupt... Another  was only making the occasional $10 a week... Another was disabled and trying to live on $400 per month.

They are real honest to God people...who had real problems. Just like you. The good news is they overcame these problems with the right information...and if they can do it you can do it too.

"Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed"
Finally, never before revealed secrets to becoming a successful Internet affiliate marketer are here.

But don't take my word for it, listen to what some of our customers are saying about this unique information product:



"I must mention that I was fascinated in reading the interviews with Shane Pearce, Allan Gardyne, Brian Garvin, Frank Garon and Lawrence Pryor to name just a few of the top affiliate marketers that you have included.

Your eBook should be on every "serious" affiliate marketers book shelf (desktop :) as it contains a wonderful selection of tips and advice from many of the Top Earning Affiliate's.

"Secrets of Top Marketing Affiliates Exposed" should also appeal to other "Top Marketing Affiliates", especially if like me, they are interested in picking up a few "secrets" that they may not already know :)

Well done and thanks for giving Karen and I the opportunity of being involved."

- Simon Baxter

Affiliates Resource Center



"Lisa, your new book is excellent! It's a "MUST READ" for all Affiliates out there.

Let me tell you why... not only is your ebook a whose who of "Super Affiliates" but you've got each and every one of them to "spill their proverbial guts", revealing exactly what it takes to make it big online.

Because of this I would have to say each chapter is easily worth ten times the cost of this new ebook of yours.

But wait! it gets better, even if you're not an affiliate marketer you should still buy this book... and that's not just because of the sound marketing advise you'll find.

If you own a product or service you'll discover exactly who to ask to help you sell it... or maybe just review it.

Lisa, you've well and truly hit the nail on the head with this one! I love it!"

Brian Terry



"Well done Lisa, I just read one of the tips Brian Garvin shares with you in your book and I thought to myself "this is going to make me a lot of money". 

I then read another 3 interviews and the same thought came into my head over and over again. If your an existing affiliate or a newbie in the game, this book WILL help you."

- Shane Pearce

Super Affiliate Marketing Exposed


Hi Lisa,

"I just read your book, it is well worth the money, I  finished reading it at 2.30 am,  its going to be a very useful tool."

 Thank you,

Ian Phillip Hodgson


When you purchase "Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed" you will receive Free Reprint Rights to this product that you can sell for $25.95 over and over again and keep all of the profits.

PLUS... You will be able to put your affiliate links all throughout this eBook so you can cash in on the back-end profits! You will also receive the proven sales letter, the web site and all of the graphics to go along.

Here is what the experts have to say about it...

"Alpha del Bosque has a supreme understanding of
the logic and psychology of

Her superb report 'Killer Mini Sites' is indispensable if you've been considering using this strategy in your Internet marketing. She makes a fairly complex topic very easy to understand, and the book is even enjoyable and great to *look* at!"

- Mark Joyner

"What a great idea! While everyone else is losing money on mega-websites, along comes Alpha with the brilliant idea of selling information on mini-sites!

I love it! Get this one! It reads like a breeze and works like a charm!"

- Joe Vitale, author of "Hypnotic Writing,"
"Spiritual Marketing," and numerous other books

ega Bonus ($249 value)

Free Reprint Rights - You'll get reprint rights to "Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed" so you can keep all of the profits! You will also receive a sales letter that will sell this product for you, web site template, graphics and proven sales letter. 

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That's right.  Not only do you get to study and find out everything these super-affiliates are doing right now to earn $22,000 or more per month, but you can get your package free.  How?  Just sell a single copy.

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Plus You Can't Lose With Our 100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee...

Which states that in the unlikely event you are truly not happy with our product, email us and your money will be immediately refunded. 

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So, What Is The Cost For This Incredible Cash Generating Resource?

Well, " Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed" I have been told could easily sell for $249 and even above. But I am not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. Why, you ask...Because I want to be able to share these profitable affiliate marketing secrets with you at an affordable price. 

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In "Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed!

"You'll not learn anywhere else the affiliate secrets exposed in this eBook."

Discover how you can generate a large profit with affiliate programs without only making the affiliate manager rich. 
For example: Say you use the affiliate manager's way of promoting their affiliate program.  Then you use your money to advertise their products. You may make a profit, you may not. But, guess who always makes a profit? That's right, the affiliate manager. (Discover the amazing marketing strategies so you too will always make a profit)

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