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"How To Quickly & Easily Make A
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"There is a bundle of money to be made on eBay ..."

"Believe it or don't, I just learned something. For the past couple years, I looked at eBay without any interest at all ... it seemed like a waste of time.

After reading your interview with Jim Wilson I am convinced there is a bundle of money to be made on eBay - and - Jim explains it so simply even I learned from his explanation. -- I'll put it on my recommended reading list."

- Jim Straw of

Jim Straw is a mail-order marketer with over 700,000 customers worldwide, and who during the past 30 years has sold over two-hundred & fifty-million dollars worth of products and services.


From: Louis Allport
Tuesday, 2:15 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

How does the thought of turning 30 cents into $50 (or even much more) in seven days or less sound to you?

Perhaps it sounds ridiculous or even impossible. But it has in fact already been done many, many times -- and much more easily than you may think. Here's how:

30 cents is all it costs to list on eBay (as I write this). You could be listing anything:

  • An old record from your collection
  • That lamp on your desk
  • Some old books from your personal library
  • Even an ebook or software you own rights to

Post it up on eBay, start the auction ... and watch in amazement as people start frantically bidding for your item!


How I Turned 30 Cents Into $12.50 ...

I've sold items on eBay that have cost me literally nothing -- all I was selling was electrons ... well, ebooks to be exact.

I paid for the ebook originally of course, but I now owned rights to it, had made my money back with previous auctions, and now it cost me absolutely nothing.

I plunked down my 30 cents for the listing and seven days later I sold the ebook for $12.50. A very nice return on investment I'm sure you'll agree.

Now of course I don't always make that much with my auctions. Sometimes I make less, but sometimes I make much more.

Perhaps you're thinking "That's great Louis, but $12.50 a week is hardly worth writing home about".

Well, it's not a huge amount ... that's certainly true.

But start listing ten of those items a week, and we start getting into more serious money: $125.00 for very part time effort is a great start.

Or imagine listing 100 auctions a week...

How does $1,250.00 in part-time income... every single week sound to you?!


How To Sell A Nuclear Submarine On eBay ...

Even though the return on investment when it comes to ebooks is great, you can sell pretty much anything on eBay.

With the tens of millions of visitors eBay receives every single month ... I'm sure just one of those people will be interested in whatever you happen to be auctioning.

Just listen to this true story:

Someone recently auctioned a nuclear submarine on eBay. Yes -- unbelievable but true! eBay did pull the auction since it was in fact illegal, but before the auction was pulled the submarine was receiving bids into the six figures!

I heard that story from a guy called Jim Wilson. He's a very experienced eBay seller:


Introducing Jim Wilson ...

Since 1999, Jim has been making a great part-time income on eBay. He certainly doesn't consider himself a 'guru'. He's just a normal guy, like the rest of us, who just happens to know exactly how to make money on eBay. Very good money in fact. Literally on demand.

His day job is actually as a Firefighter Paramedic. He spends a couple of days a week selling on eBay... and that's all it takes for him to make a great second income.

And best of all: he's very open about exactly how he runs his business. He loves teaching others how to make money on eBay too...

And I was lucky enough to speak with Jim for a full 90 minutes recently, picking his brains about every single aspect of his eBay business. And I'm making every single word available to you. Here is just a taster of what you'll discover:

  • The easy way to process 108 auctions in 30 minutes! Jim reveals exactly how he does it ... running multiple auctions is the best way to consistently make serious money on eBay and if you know the right way to do it -- running 100 or more auctions a week is a lot easier than you may think.

  • Listen to the incredible story of how Jim became one of only two distributors worldwide for a product. This product was so in-demand, he made an average 1,000% profit (yes you read that right) on 200 auctions selling it!

  • Discover a stupid-simple eBay tactic for bringing traffic to your site. Hardly anyone's using it at the moment so you'll have an immediate advantage ...

  • You can lose money hand over fist if you don't know when you MUST run a reserve auction. Discover how to avoid this eBay pitfall...

  • You'll make oodles more cash than 99% of the other eBay sellers - IF - you can spot an up and coming trend and get in early. Jim reveals exactly what you need to look for in this exclusive interview...

  • Much better than drop-shipping companies, and even better than wholesalers ... the secret suppliers that will allow you to make huge eBay profits.

  • Which is the best price to start your auctions at? This will be revealed ...

  • With hundreds in feedback, and only ONE negative remark, Jim really knows how to keep his eBay customers delighted. He reveals exactly how you can do this too, to build a thriving eBay business on a rock-solid foundation of positive feedback.

  • How to continue making money from your past auction customers for months and years to come...

  • The guaranteed way to get your listings to appear in as many eBay searches as possible and quickly grab people's attention. Plus the fatal headline mistake that hardly anyone knows about. If you fall into this trap you're literally throwing your money away on every auction you run...

  • At what point in your eBay business should you start holding an inventory? Jim reveals ...

  • Jim talks you step-by-step through one of his eBay ad templates. This will save you much time, and stop you tearing your hair out worrying how you should really put your ad together.

  • The simple and proven way to really stand out from your eBay competition -- even if they're selling the exact same item!

  • Listen to what one man found in the basement of his new house ... and turned into thousands upon thousands of dollars on eBay within just a few weeks!

  • PayPal has had some bad press ... but it's still the most popular way for people to pay on eBay. There's one simple thing very few people do that Jim tells you about -- and doing this will make you 99% safe from PayPal ever burning you.


"A must have addition to your e-library..."

"No surprise - once again Jim Wilson establishes himself as one of the top eBay experts. If you are building an eBay business, or if you think you might like to, Jim's latest 'tell all' interview with Louis is a must have addition to your e-library..."

- Jim Cockrum
Author - The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay


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P.P.S. I sent a review copy of this interview to mail-order multi-millionaire Jim Straw and this is what he wrote back:

"Believe it or don't, I just learned something. For the past couple years, I looked at eBay without any interest at all ... it seemed like a waste of time.

After reading your interview with Jim Wilson I am convinced there is a bundle of money to be made on eBay - and - Jim explains it so simply even I learned from his explanation. -- I'll put it on my recommended reading list."

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